Piaf the Songs

Rehearsals at Everyman Theatre‚Cheltenham for a first outing of Eve Loiseau's show‚ Piaf the Songs

Insomnia poems BBC recording

With Pete Wyer in the BBC studios in Slough for the recording of Insomnia Poems.

Cremenville band

Cremenville (2006) music by Pete Wyer . An immersive‚ labyrinthine fable combining theatre‚ video‚ sound design‚ operatic/folk singing and a virtuoso band of Cremenvillians. The ensemble included‚ Pete Wyer - guitar‚ David Le Page - violin‚ Graham Instrall - percussion‚ Elizabeth Frankiln-Kitchen - soprano and Perry on bass.

Perry's score

Some 50 pieces were composed in total for the Glouceter Mystery Plays. Shows in November 2012 and April 2013 for 3 shows in Gloucester and 3 shows in Worcester.

Cheltenham Poetry Festival, 2013

Pete Wyer‚ guitar/composer‚ Eve Loiseau‚ singer and Robert Perry performing a song from Pete Wyer's 'Tales From The City at Night' CD at Cheltenham Poetry Festival 2013 at The Hotel Du Vin‚ Cheltenham. Poetry by Jeremy Toombs was also performed with musical improvisations./

Insomnia poems rehearsal

Left to right‚ Pete Wyer‚ Robert Perry‚ Chris Cundy and Mike Cross. Front row‚ Evelyne Beech and Steve Dalachinsky.

Company of Friends

Left to right‚ Matthew Morris‚ Helen Terry‚ Ben Lewis and Sam Gerard. Robert Perry seated.

Company of Friends

Ben Lewis‚ Helen Terry‚ Matthew Morris and Sam Gerard.

Photo courtesy of Lily Fulvio Mason

  • Piaf the Songs
  • Insomnia poems BBC recording
  • Cremenville band
  • Perry's score
  • Cheltenham Poetry Festival, 2013
  • Insomnia poems rehearsal
  • Company of Friends
  • Company of Friends