Periscope 35 @ 61

My lastest collection of my music is a selection of old and new; the earliest from 1980 and with some written more recently (May 2016 to January 2017).

My inspiration as a composer comes from Graham Collier OBE (1937 - 2011). His album "Songs for my father" provided a great introduction to his music. Following on, I bought his scores and books to further study his approach to composition.

The resonance for me was his brief to provide an opportunity for the musicians to make choices, allowing each performance to be different.

When playing music from my collection, I therefore ask each musicain to choose a 'rôle' for each tune after discussion with the ensemble.

For example;
Play written melody
Embellish the melody
Improvise harmony part with melody
Improvise harmony part with written bass part
Solo behind melody
Play fills
Use dynamics
Stop playing