Current projects include -

Perry is currently composing for a new show with the working title, 'Fear'.  The show will bring together singer, dancers and  an ensemble of hand picked musicians.

Composer and Musical Director
'Tracks' by Brick Door Theatre Company. A brand new theatre company producing powerful challenging work.  This show included collaborations from artist - Niki Hare, animation by Chris Hill and images of sculptures by Mitch Lewis.

Gloucester Mystery Plays Commission
A UNIQUE SOUND WORLD which seamlessly integrates Middle Eastern characteristics and folk rhythms with Latin texts has been created by composer Robert Perry to provide vibrant and imaginative music for the complete cycle of The Gloucester Mystery Plays1.

For the plays, Perry has already composed over 20 pieces, many of which develop themes based around scales which give a Middle Eastern flavour. In keeping with music from that region, all his instrumental and choral works have a linear approach where the harmonies are driven by melodic momentum.

"Each instrument or voice is equal in importance with none taking precedence. There are solo passages, but no part is allowed to dominate," says Perry.

The instrumental music was written for a quartet of flute/recorder, violin, clarinet and percussion2 with the latter featuring high sounding drums, tambourines and gongs which enhance the melodic timbre.

In the first series of the mystery plays, Worcester Cathedral Chamber Choir sang a cappella settings of Perry's Sanctus, Ave Maria, Gloria and Nunc Dimittis. Choir director Stephen Shellard says; " ... it was a fantastic voyage of discovery for myself and the choir, and one which we are very much looking forward to repeating in the Easter cycles!"

Samples of Perry's music here...












A professional composer, bassist and educator based in Cheltenham, Perry has a passion for the written word and has worked collaboratively with many poets to lift the poetry from the page into song settings, and to create soundtracks for spoken word.
Perry has worked in many settings as a bass player including Bobby Crush; Sara Todd; Pete Wyer; Sarah Tennant Flowers; Steve Dalachinsky, Chris Cundy; Will Talbot and Andy Brotherton.

Perry was the MD for Gloucester Mystery Plays Quartet; Sixth Sense; JWR Collective and Acoustic Beauty.

Mystery Play Quartet, Matthew F Morris, Helen Terry, Ben Lewis and Sam Gerard.

...and again during rehearsal break


Tracks (2013) - Soundtrack for new touring show by The Brick Door Theatre Company

Ice and Snow, This Longing Again and In Our Silence (2011) - Words by Jan-Maria Farrell. Voice and mixed ensembles.

The Name (2008) Sung here by Evelyne Beech Words by Anna Saunders. Soprano solo

(2005)  Eternity Ring Words by Sara-Jane Arbury. Voice and mixed ensemble.

(2008)  An Interrogation of prayer A poem for 3 readers. Words by Anna Saunders. World Premier, 29 July 2008 at Meantime Arts Space in Cheltenham. Sound design with voices; Dawn Stanley, Evelyne Beech and Benedict Perkins.


(2009)  Door Poems (Numbers 1 - 6)

Recordings available with ONLINE shop.  

Words by Steve Dalachinsky Soprano and church organ. Evelyne Beech-soprano, John Swindells-organ.


(2005)  Mr Wolf

Words by Merry Fortune for mixed ensemble



Poet Steve Dalachinsky and
poet/musician, Merry Fortune.



(2009)  Insomnia Poems (Wyer/Dalachinsky)

Insomnia Poems, commissioned by BBC Radio 3, broadcast March, 2009 and in December, 2009, as part of Radio 3's 'Best of Jazz on 3, 2009' 

Pete Wyer/Steve Dalachinsky, broadcast on Jazz on 3, 23 March 2009. The ensemble included, Pete Wyer, Steve Dalachinsky, Evelyne Beech, Chris Cundy, Robert Perry and Mike Cross. '

One of the most extraordinary sessions we have ever had ' Jez Nelson of the one hour Insomnia Poems for Jazz on 3, BBC Radio 3, March 2009 (performed as a live set at Pinewood studios).

(2006) Cremenville 

Pete Wyer An immersive, labyrinthine fable combining theatre, video, sound design, operatic/folk singing and a virtuoso band of Cremenvillians.

The ensemble included, Pete Wyer - guitar, David Le Page - violin, Graham Instrall - percussion, Elizabeth Frankiln-Kitchen - soprano and Robert Perry on bass    


 Insomnia poems cast

Cremenville characters